About Us


OZKAYALI MACHINERY started production in 1994 in konya on the machines and equipments.

 OZKAYALI, which adopts the principle of quality and standard at the beginning of production, providesthe quality and control of the products in the whole production process and offers them to our valuableusers.

 OZKAYALI, which follows the technology closely, uses the latest technology in its production process, grows day by day with its technological investments, accelerates the production process and increases its product diversity.

We are advancing rapidly to reach the peak with the quality registered by our customers with the only address slogan for quality and stability

  In the domestic market, proving its quality,OZKAYALI has become the sought-after brand in the overseas market.Exports its products to 16 countries.

  OZKAYALI,keeps customer satisfaction in the forefront with its trained and experienced staff

  We are proud to offer our products by making economical and standard production without any problems.

  We would like to express our gratitude to you for your support to our company and our products by choosing OZKAYALI